Kent Volkmer  :  On The Issues
Tough on Crime
Kent understands that a major role of government is justice, the protection of society and, in many cases, the correction of unlawful behavior. Kent will be particularly tough on Murder, Drug Trafficking, Sex Crimes, Child Abuse, Assualt and Violence. The County Attorney has the moral obligation to punish such crimes to the fullest extent of the law.
Good Leadership
Kent understands the foundation of good leadership is morality. A good leader makes decisions based upon principles, not popularity, and believes in higher moral law, which is the best foundation of good civil law.

1st Amendment - Free Speech & Religious Liberties

As morality is essential to good leadership, so religion is essential to revealing higher moral law. The Constitution was never intended to limit the religious rights of individual Americans. Businesses should be free to exercise their religious convictions without federal intervention telling them otherwise. Local governments and their representatives should stand for the rights of their constituents when they are threatened. Judicially declared "rights" must not usurp the expressly written rights in the Constitution.
2nd Amendment
Our founding fathers considered the Second Amendment to be essential to the protection of liberty and civil society. A defenseless people are quickly tyrannized. An armed society is a peaceful society. It is the duty of government to empower people to protect themselves from tyranny and physical harm. Kent believes in the rights of citizens to own and carry weapons for the purpose of self-defense and as a balance of powers between the state and the people.
Fiscal Conservative
Stop wasteful spending. Although law and order is the first priority of the County Attorney, it is not the only priority. Kent understands that tax payer resources are finite and that it is the moral duty of the County Attorney to prevent wasteful spending and to promote responsible and responsive law enforcement.

Government Corruption
The smaller government is, the easier it is to hold it accountable. Government often hides corruption through size and complexity. Kent will fight corruption in Pinal County and to simplify and reduce oversized government.
Constitutional Conservative
Kent is a Constitutional Conservative interpreting the Constitution by its original intent not by the whims of liberal judicial philosophy.
Kent believes in protecting all stages of human life, from conception to natural death. It is the duty of government and society to protect the most defenseless of society, including the unborn. All people, regardless of age, are created in the image of God.

Kent Volkmer

Tough On Crime:

- Tough On Murder
- Tough On Drug Trafficking
- Tough On Sex Crimes
- Tough On Child Abuse
- Tough On Violence
Protecting Our Freedoms:
- Gun Rights
- Property Rights
- Free Speech
- Religious Liberties
Conservative Principles:
- Constitutional Conservative
- State Rights
- Pro-Life
Fiscal Conservative:
- Stop Wasteful Spending
- Smaller Responsive Government