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About Kent Volkmer

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The Attorney
A civil society is founded upon just and reasonable Law & Order. As an attorney Kent has a firsthand view of and role in the importance of Law & Order. As a County Attorney, Kent promises to be tough on crime. As a strong believer in the balance of powers, he will also ensure that the County and Sheriff's Office are accountable to the people, allowing for greater ease of public feedback and the prevention of excessive force and deputy abuses.
Reasonable Enforcment
Kent also understands that enforcement must be reasonable and not excessive as to destroy the financial lives or families of people who commit minor crimes. The current administration has enforced the law for minor crimes to the detriment of county citizens. The result is single mothers losing vehicles, jobs, and means of provision. Unreasonable enforcement victimizes families and children.
The Family Man
Kent Volkmer is a traditional family man. As a man of faith, Kent believes in the protection of family religious freedoms for the moral training of the next generation. As a member of the moral majority, he will uphold parental rights in matters concerning education and child rearing choices. He will oppose the infringement of the state upon essential freedoms such as parental rights, religious freedom, education choice and family lifestyle choices. Kent opposes federal mandates such as genderless bathrooms that empower sex offenders.
The Constitutional Conservative
As an attorney sworn to defend and uphold the Constitution, Kent Volkmer believes in defending the original meaning of Constitutional Law against opposing lesser laws and judicial decrees. The expressly stated rights of the Constitution must not be usurped or overthrown by so-called "rights" created by progressive judicial decree and liberal interpretation of the Constitution. As such, Kent will defend, Free Speech, Religious Freedoms, Gun Rights, and all other Constitutional Rights.